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Delivering a Better Railway for a Better Britain

Lecture Railway
03 November 2014, London

In this lecture, Mark Carne, Chief Executive, Network Rail, will talk about engineering, management and behavioural safety, drawing parallels with the Oil & Gas industry.

Conventional Power Boiler User Group 2014

Conference Power Industries,  Pressure Systems
04 November 2014, Nottingham

The User Group will address issues relating to all aspect of the design, operation and maintenance of large conventional power boilers

Combating 21st Century Challenges in Manufacturing: reducing friction, vibration and wear

Seminar Manufacturing,  Tribology
04 November 2014, Sheffield

This seminar will provide you with the opportunity to hear lessons learnt and best-practices across the manufacturing industry to increase process optimisation.

Your Future in Mechanical Process Engineering

Lecture Process Industries
05 November 2014, London

A prestigious free evening event to explore the options available for graduates

Can Green be Fast and Fun? Implementing Low-Carbon Technologies in High Performance Vehicles

Seminar Automobile
06 November 2014, Coventry

Discover the latest technological advances that will help make high performance vehicles become efficient and sustainable.

The History of the Rolls-Royce RB211-22 Turbofan Engine

Lecture Aerospace Industries,  Structural Technology & Materials,  Tribology
10 November 2014, London

An in-depth study of the life of the Rolls-Royce RB 211 turbofan engine, from its original inception in 1960 to the present day Trent engines.

Production Efficiency 2014: reversing a declining trend

Conference Process Industries,  Management
11 November 2014, Aberdeen

The solutions to improve production efficiency are not quick but the initiative to action improvements are and need to be shared

Managing reliability of spares and standby equipment

11 November 2014, London

Explore why structured management of spare and standby equipment, held in main, local or remote stores, is essential to maintain overall reliability.

8th Annual Carbon Capture and Storage Seminar

Seminar Process Industries
11 November 2014, London

The Institution’s 8th annual Carbon Capture and Storage event will take place on the 11th November 2014 at One Birdcage Walk.

Disruptive Green Propulsion Technologies - Beyond the Competitive Horizon

Conference Aerospace Industries
17 November 2014, London

The aviation industry has ambitious environmental goals, so this two day conference addresses Distributed Propulsion and turbo-electric systems, presenting it as the next disruptive technology.

Large Scale Bulk Storage and Handling

Seminar Process Industries
19 November 2014, Broughton

Discuss the growing demand on imported bulk materials such as coal and wood pellets and the pressure to handle and store such materials

Biomass: Just How Sustainable Is It?

Seminar Power Industries
19 November 2014, London

Find out what is being done to deliver real greenhouse gas reductions sustainability and divide the myth from reality.

F1 Engines then and now

Lecture Automobile,  Other Industries / Sectors,  Combustion Engines & Fuels
19 November 2014, London

Andy Cowell, Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains, will compare and contrast the challenges and behaviours of the old and new generation of F1 engines.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers' Annual Dinner 2014

Annual Dinner Aerospace Industries,  Automobile,  Manufacturing,  Power Industries,  Process Industries,  Railway,  Biomedical Engineering,  Construction & Building Services,  Other Industries / Sectors,  Combustion Engines & Fuels,  Energy Environment & Sustainability,  Structural Technology & Materials,  Pressure Systems,  Thermofluids,  Mechatronics Informatics & Control,  Management,  Safety & Reliability,  Fluid Machinery
20 November 2014, London

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers' Annual Dinner for 2014 will once again return to London's Dorchester Hotel.

The Thameslink Programme - Progress and Challenges

Lecture Railway
24 November 2014, London

Join Thameslink, Siemens and GTR as they assess the progress of the Thameslink Programme Output 1 and what else will happen before 2018.

Recent advances in the tribology and bioengineering of the skin

Seminar Biomedical Engineering,  Tribology
25 November 2014, London

Assessing state-of-the-art experimental and modelling techniques to characterise and predict the biophysics and tribology of the skin in health and disease.

Interoperability: Safer, Cheaper, Easier

Seminar Railway
26 November 2014, London

This seminar will showcase experience and best practice for the implementation of technical interoperability on UK railways for both trains and infrastructure.

Compressors and Fans Workshop

Workshop Power Industries,  Fluid Machinery
27 November 2014, London

This one day course is designed to help you analyse and understand the principles associated with gas compressors and fans


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